• Code and Graphics
    • Chema Enguita (Chema)
  • Music and Sound
    • Jonathan Bristow (Twilighte)
  • Intro Sequence
    • Mickaël Pointier (Dbug)

  • Platform
    • Oric ATMOS (not Oric1/Telestrat compatible)
  • Release date
    • September 26th, 2004

Game screenshot

Game screenshot

Game screenshot

Game screenshot

Game screenshot

Game screenshot

General information

Space 1999 is the game you have been waiting for !

Featuring real time isometric 3D (for the first time ever on an Oric), high definition soundtrack and sound effects, full length intro sequence, and advanced gameplay. Space 1999 allows you to control your favourite characters from the tv hit series in an exclusive and original adventure.

System requirements

To play this game, you need an Oric system1 with a microdisc unit, or an emulator2 providing the equivalent feature set.


You can download the current version of the game here:

Space: 1999 - The Oric Game (English version 1.0) (785 kb)
Space: 1999 - Le jeu Oric (French version 1.0) (785 kb)

Each archive contains the complete game in DSK format (microdisk compatible emulator file format), the maps of moon base alpha, the user manual and a read-me file.


If you like the game, if you have questions, if you want to post encouragement messages or suggestions, feel free to register on the Defence-Force forums and post your message in the official
Space:1999 feedback and review thread


Copyright, price and similar things

We acknowledge that all rights about Space: 1999 belong to Granada Ventures.

This game has been written by fans, for the fans. The game is entirely free, and we wholeheartedly advise everybody reading this to order the DVD's (You can search for the great 'Space 1999 Megaset' on your favorite online shop where it received tremendous reviews !)

1. This includes the Oric 1, Oric Atmos, and Oric Telestrat. OSDK is not compatible with the first, original, machine in the Oric range (the Microtan 65). If you never heard of Oric before, you can read about it on Wikipedia
2. This game should be compatible with the following emulators: Oricutron, Euphoric (and derived versions like Caloric or XEuphoric), Mess, Atoric, Amoric, and probably some more.